Don’t Just Stand There! Five New Desks to Fit Your Active Lifestyle

Experts say sitting is the new smoking.  And for the past two years, I’ve felt pretty darn smug about all the hours I spend working upright at my DIY standing desk: 

Picture 112BUT – How much you wanna bet that those even smuggier experts will soon declare that STANDING is the new deep-fried heroin candy bar?

Since we all struggle to find the time for both office work AND exercise, Projectophile [me] has teamed up with King Crow Comics [Scott] to launch five new work desks to fit your Active Lifestyle.*


jumping sans caption2)  SQUATTING DESK:

squatting sans caption3) CLIMBING DESK:

climbing sans caption4) KNEELING DESK:

Kneeling sans caption5) HANGING DESK:

hanging desk sans caption6) SWIMMING DESK:

swimming sans captionRight now you’re thinking, “I need a poster of all of these desks to hang in my office!” You’re in luck, because King Crow Comics [Scott] at this very minute is at Kinko’s printing up a bunch of beautiful full-color 11″x17″ prints, like this one:

Desk poster 300 low rezTo buy your own, visit Scott/King Crow at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo on June 6-7.  Or email me directly at
Ideas and lettering: Clare @projectophile
Artwork: Scott @krollcrow
*  Active Lifestyles may be Actual or Aspirational.
** Projectophile, King Crow Comics, and their wholly or partially-owned subsidiaries shall not be held liable for any death, injury or embarrassment that may occur from use of these desks. By laughing, chuckling, chortling, or even politely smiling, the reader agrees that this is just a joke and not real at all, even though it’s on the Internet.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Just Stand There! Five New Desks to Fit Your Active Lifestyle

    • Ha! We’ve actually been trying to discourage that type of behavior around our house. It’s gotten so bad that we’re starting to call trips to the bathroom “office hours.” Like, “If you need me, I’ll be in the office.”


      • Ah, what my Husband calls the ‘reading room’. Less inclined to spend hours in the downstairs one since we had a brief visit from a snake, which ran over his foot while he was peacefully doing what boys do, and almost caused terminal bladder fright. It hasn’t been back since, but he’s taken to using the upstairs one instead! One of the joys of living in the tropics…


        • Ah yes, the trade off for our long Chicago winters is very few scary critters. I do remember when I was living in Cape Town, having a luxurious bath and then getting stuck there because I found a spider bigger than my hand parked between me and my towel. I was paralyzed there for almost an hour before I got up the nerve to exit the tub. After that I avoided using the toilet at night whenever possible. And don’t even get me started on the giant slugs that used to come out for me every night….
          “Terminal Bladder Fright,” ha!


          • Oh yeah, nothing to beat stepping on a giant slug in the middle of the night… It’s a total gross-out, and the slime is so hard to get off your foot. I know what you mean about spiders: this is one of our local types, the golden orb spider:


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