Memorial to Fallen Gloves

When a big snow finally melts, you can’t help but notice all the debris left behind, like a glacial sediment deposit right there on the sidewalk.

Yesterday, between the piles of dog poo, I noticed quite a few dropped gloves.  And once I started looking down, I realized they were everywhere, all around us.  I told Scott, “I bet I can spot a dozen lost gloves on my way to the coffee shop.”

In fact, I found more than two dozen dropped gloves within two blocks of our apartment.  It is unlikely that they will be reunited with their mates, so let us remember them here — the fallen gloves (plus a few hats and ear muffs) of Belden and Kimball Avenues:


2 thoughts on “Memorial to Fallen Gloves

  1. Peace too all lost and wandering gloves out there! I am collecting photos along a similar tune adapted to Seattle- umbrellas, they are abandoned eveywhere once you start looking. Love your blog!


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