DIY Projects

Finally, all your favorite Projectophile Do-It-Yourself Projects in one place. Click on the project name or image to find the full post.

Tufted Floating Headboard:

Picture 065Mid-Century Modern Standing Desk:

Picture 112Turn your Ugly Vinyl Roller Shade into a Lovely Work of Art:
IMG_1854Throw a SuperBowl Party for Friends who Love Snacks but Hate Football:
IMG_3252Refinishing Fiberglass and Chrome Bowling Alley Chairs:

IMG_2021Late Mid-Century Modern Makeover: Two-Toned Credenza:
Picture 052Re-upholstered Mid-Century Alley Chair:


Transform your Pockmarked IKEA Bench into a Thing of Beauty:

Gentrify a Mid-Century Alley Chair:

IMG_3462Rescue and Restore:  A Water-Damaged “Chocolate Cupcake” Vinyl Ottoman from the Alley
Celebrate Samhain by Disguising your Child as a Major Household Appliance:

IMG_2739Upcycled “No Time for Cheesecake” Clock:
IMG_3104Radiator Cover made from Old IKEA Bed Slats:

IMG_4784The Poor Man’s Barcelona Chair — Restoring a Thrift-Store Surprise:
IMG_2255Hand-Bound Sketchbook (for your husband’s 38th Birthday):

Resurrecting a Fallen Church Chair:

IMG_3938Strawberry “Pizza” Birthday Cake:

IMG_3822Wallet Made from Old Baby Pajamas and a Diaper Cover:

IMG_3757Election Night “Propagandress” from sleazy campaign flyers:

IMG_3655Whimsical Wall Art from Old Hubcaps:


Upcycled Hat and Glove Storage Center:
IMG_2951Construct Poetry from the Last Sentences of Books and Magazines:
IMG_3349“Snappy Birthday” Plaque: IMG_4396Alley Lamp Makeover:

IMG_4314Glamorous Up-Cycled Recycling Center:

IMG_4205Door Curtains for a Clothing-Optional Kitchen:

IMG_4062Turn your Filthy Target Ottoman into a Glamorous Tufted Foot Lounger:

IMG_2656Crossing Guard Quality Fleece Balaclava:

Picture 021Happy Yellow Pillowcases from Thrift Store Sheets:

IMG_3172DIY Knee Pads for More Comfortable Floor Scrubbing:

IMG_4006Family Door Art Out of Vintage Hangers from the Alley:


Family Artwork Bulletin Board:

Funkify your Picnic with Psychedelic Carrot-and-Fruit Pops:
IMG_1905Hanging Fruit Basket
Picture 056Beer-box NASCAR Track:
IMG_2806Airplane Cake:

Picture 033
D-Ring Fashion Belts:

Picture 090
Madsen Cargo Bike Cove

Picture 1150Refreshing your Inherited Art (My Grandpa, The Outsider Artist):
Picture 025Winter Coat Pocket Time Capsule:

Picture 024


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