Babushka House!

We Bought a “Before!”
IMG_5223Awaken your Obsessive-Compulsive Tendencies with Open Shelves in the Kitchen
IMG_5878Five Easy Steps to Make your House Look Slightly Less Abandoned

porchrevealA Bucket of Paint + a Trip to IKEA: Babushka Kitchen Gets a $200 Makeover
IMG_5790From Crack Den to Dreamy Tent Lounge: A Teen Room Transformation
IMG_5580Your Refrigerator: The Silent Happiness Killer

coffins v fridge15 Things NOT to Say to Someone Who Just Bought A Fixer-Upper
IMG_5764Surprise your Husband by Painting the Appliances
IMG_5910Is there a Hoosier in Your Kitchen?
IMG_5994Welcome to Babuskha Island: Your Oasis in a Sea of Not-Having-Counterspace
IMG_6071Solstice Special: Force Your Kids to Sleep Later with Customized Roller Shades
IMG_6137Welcome to the Bed Bug Club!
Bed BugThe Cold War in Our Backyard: Tear Down this Garage!
Tear down this garageYou Win This Round, Babushka: Get Your Life Back By Painting Over Wallpaper
IMG_6229Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flat-Weavery*: Meet the Shaggy Twins
IMG_6302Clean Up in Alley Three! Restoring a Giant Grocery Produce Sign

20150808_123009The Fence that Broke All the Rules (and maybe a couple of building codes)

IMG_6353Transform your Smile from Grey to Yellow
20151106_085008What’s Under Your [Porch] Skirt?



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